Business consulting includes planning and control of the activities of marketing and distribution systems, processes and production costs, the sources and uses of funds and human resources (personnel). These business consulting services will provide a potential input informations for the management in carrying out the functions of the planning, controlling and making strategic decision, besides Proposal Feasibility Studies, Business Combinations (mergers) and Restructuring the financial structure of the company (Financial Restructuring).

  • Management Services
    These services provide management assistance or advices that can be applied in harmony with the principles of effectiveness and efficiency, for example, the selection of personnel or any other accounting tools and carry out the feasibility studies.
  • Services Implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG)
    The purpose application (GCG) is:
    Knowing the working relationship between the management, the Commissioner / Trustees, the Board of Directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders as well as perfecting the pattern of relationships. Clarify the contribution rights and responsibilities of each party in the company consisted of Management, Commissioner / Trustees, the Board of Directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Clarify the rules and procedures of corporate decision-making, including goal setting, achieving the purpose of the goals, monitoring and assessment of the risks faced in achieving these objectives, as well as the monitoring system performance can be optimized. GCG implementation goals are: to maximize corporate value by enhancing the principles of openness, accountability, trustworthiness, responsible and equitable that the company has strong competitiveness, both national and international. Encouraging the management of the company in a professional, transparent and efficient and empowering function and improve the independence of enterprise organizations. Encouraging in making decisions and performing actions based on high moral values ​​and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Planning Restructuring Program is a best effort undertaken in an integrated manner by the company (debtor) and by the banks (creditors) in order to minimize the rate of loss of investment and business activities of each party.
  • Proposed Implementation of Restructuring Program Expected results after the restructuring of the company is the company's positive growth and an increase in positive as well as the competitiveness of companies (improve competitiveness) so as to meet the liabilities of credit to the banks (creditors).






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