• Accounting system services
    Namely assistance or advice in designing, implementing and reviewing information system as well as monitoring systems to support client effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Accounting Process Services 
    Namely advice aid to clients whose accounting staffs are limited (particularly at busy times) to carry out the process of accounting, such as: financial statements, prepare the balance sheet or the management report, closing ledger, perform calculations and analysis and accounting processes (eg change currency in the notes to the financial statements and the financial statements).
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
    We review and analyze the financial statements of our client companies in order to provide a better understanding of their company's financial condition. This statement includes income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and statement of retained earnings. We also evaluate the risks, performance, financial health and future prospects of the organization.
  • Budget Preparation and Financial Projections
    Budget and financial projections are critical activities. Prepared budget will be a tool for companies to understand their business' financial position at the time and financial projections for the future. Good budget preparation of a company may help the company to control its business in achieving its objectives.




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